Considered High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure left untreated directly increases the risk of having a stroke as well as developing heart disease, which can lead to a heart attack, particularly when it is present in your body with other risk factors. Many women believe that a heart attack is not the greatest risk they will face in their lifetime; however, the threat can be a serious reality. This becomes even truer during the years leading up to and following menopause when the hormonal changes may break down our cell walls allowing heart disease to move in. Considered high blood pressure threats are stress, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, tea, coffee, refined foods, excessive salt consumption and obesity. All of these interfere with the natural rhythm of life and lead to difficulties in expelling waste and poisonous matter from the body.

Pre-hypertension is a term you will hear more about in the coming years. This condition alerts people that they are at risk of developing chronic High Blood Pressure if they don't take the necessary steps to control the considered High Blood Pressure threats by improving their lifestyle habits. Doctors are rarely able to pinpoint the exact cause of High Blood Pressure. Several factors are known to raise blood pressure threats.

So many of us love our glass of wine with dinner each day. We think about it on the drive home and we find it relaxing to pour ourselves a glass to enjoy during dinner. That one glass of wine is considered moderate drinking for a woman of any age. For men, moderate drinking is considered two drinks a day if the man is younger than 65 and one drink per day for men above age 65. A drink of wine is defined as 5 ounces. How many of us are able to stop at one glass? Many times we will share an entire bottle and think nothing of it. Unfortunately, drinking more than a moderate amount of alcohol can raise blood pressure to unhealthy levels while we must also remember that alcohol contains calories and may contribute to undesirable weight gain. Remember excessive alcohol and obesity are considered high blood pressure risk factors.

Each day your blood pressure is too high your chances of suffering a stroke are increased. Knowing that you have High Blood Pressure is the key managing it. Many times High Blood Pressure is referred to as the silent killer because it often has no symptoms. When is the last time you had your blood pressure checked? Do you have any of the considered High Blood Pressure threats?

If you have any of the risk factors then be pro active and have your Blood Pressure checked. You'll be glad you did.

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