Health Topics
Do you want straight forward information and answers?

Do you want straight forward information and answers? Clear descriptions? Are you on information overload and you just don't know how the information concerning health, nutrition and pharmaceuticals relates to you and your specific circumstances?

We are committed to discussing the health topics that are most important to you in the most honest manner. Let's unravel the puzzle together. In today's world when it comes to health topics, health care workers and clients alike are overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting Information gathered from the various media sources and health professionals.

On the news, television and internet we are bombarded with ads of pharmaceutical drugs that will help cure or alleviate our ailments while at the same time some pharmaceutical drugs are being pulled off the shelves because of dangerous side effects. Information from physicians and other medical experts is usually insufficient to put our minds at ease.

When it comes to holistic treatments we are again bombarded with advertisements in every way imaginable. The holistic practitioners tell us that herbal medicine is the most reliable form of treatment. However, the medical experts are telling us that herbs are either ineffective or downright dangerous to use. The FDA has banned several herbs, stating that these are not safe for use.

Our goal is to unravel the puzzle while we examine the best of both worlds and try to integrate both the holistic treatments with conventional medicine so that you can receive the best possible care.


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